About Me, Andy Reynolds

For nearly twenty years I’ve been a publicist based in New York City working as Popular Publicity representing a rich spectrum of LGBTQ clients including publishers, authors, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, designers and events. From Cazwell, The Ones, and Amanda Lepore to the first-ever transgender studies textbook to the Miss Gay America pageant to The Black Party®. Prior to becoming a publicist I was the editor of a dance music trade magazine and general manager of two great dance music labels, but throughout it all, I was a graphic designer at heart.

About the I Was Born This Way Collection

I originally designed the rainbow baby as cover art for the re-release of the 1976 disco single “I Was Born This Way” by Carl Bean, which was remixed and reissued on the classic New York City dance label, West End Records, owned by Mel Cheren, financial backer of the legendary Paradise Garage nightclub.

My dream is to one day see my “I Was Born This Way” baby all grown up and 3-D, as a giant Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade style balloon floating above Pride parades around the world as a mascot for an LGBTQ organization. But starting small. Baby steps.

The photos of Felisa and Chad in the I Was Born This Way Collection were shot by fine art photographer Ron Amato, a Professor in the Photography and Related Media department at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

About We Have Visual

A gift from Star Trek. Sulu: “Captain, we have visual now.” Kirk: "Put it on screen, Sulu." Cue sound of Star Trek Enterprise door swoosh. (Star Trek, Season 2, Episode 18, The Immunity Syndrome Goodbye, 1968.)